Since January 2015 GoBR Solutions is the exclusive ABP agent in Brazil. As ABP's official and authorized company, GoBR directly provides spare parts, services and retrofit of existing installations besides full support on sales of new equipments.


As the exclusive ABP agent in Brazil, GoBR has direct access to ABP's factory support to every technical subject with ABP's staff working closely, providing full support to GoBR Solutions in the Brazilian market. With trained staff in Brazil, the company provides fast response for technical services on ABP equipments and has a strategic stock available. GoBR has the structure needed to promptly provide to the client all the resources needed to put back their production line on track as fast as possible.


GoBR is a familiarized company by all, for it was created by a former ABP employee, Carlos Guedes, followed by former long date ABP co-workers, Fabio Morato (Commercial), Juan Almada (Engineering) and Bruno Moraes (After Sales and Coordination).


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To keep the productivity of your company flowing, GoBR offers specialized local maintenance assistance and staff training for your business and induction systems. Along with ABP, GoBR presents solutions for several sectors of the industry such as Automotive, Mechanical, Agriculture, Metallurgical, Minerals, among others that suit the investments.


GoBR imports spare parts and offers services for induction systems with the well known ABP quality and keeps them in stock in Brazil so the customer can be promptly answered with the furnace parts necessary to restart the production. GoBR is also a bridge between Brazil and Germany for induction systems development from the sales process until the delivery of the final product.


A higher productivity means investments in the right areas. GoBR Solutions offers customized strategic researches to find the best option for your needs. Modern solutions for your company will provide the State of Art, raising your production level and improving your costs in a way the return of the investment will become a reality in a short to mid-term time.






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